Counseling Options

True Alignment
True Alignment spiritual counseling takes several forms, tailored to your specific needs.  Depending on where you live, I offer one-hour face to face, telephone, Skype or Face Time sessions.  To book a session, email me via the link below and we can schedule a time that works for both of us.

The counseling plan you choose will depend on your particular intention at this time.  You may want to work on a specific goal or goals, or you may want clarity  in relation to your life purpose, spiritual path, relationship or work issue.

You will receive insight, and inspiration from one session.  However, more far-reaching and profound results will be achieved from committing to a 3-6 month block of sessions, particularly if you are facing major changes or wish to initiate major changes. 

When we work together, by investing in the process, profound and lasting opportunities for change and growth will open up.  Here are available options:

Individual Counseling Options

An hour-long session: $95

Four one hour sessions: $360 with e-mail support in between sessions as needed.

Six one-hour sessions: $540 again, with ongoing e-mail support.

Dream Consultation Sessions

Perplexed by certain dreams and unable to decipher their messages? Then a Dream Consultation will support you to:

  *Access your own dream symbology
  *Embrace higher level teachings
  *Develop intuitive understanding
  *Align with the voice of the soul
  *Tap into proactive solutions to life challenges as reflected in dreams

   An hour-long session: $95

   Four one hour sessions: $340 with e-mail support.