Responses to the LIVING IN ALIGNMENT course
Blessings Julie! I am overwhelmed...speechless, honored.  The Living in Alignment course is truly amazing and explains so much of what I have been experiencing throughout this entire year.  You are helping me bring into manifestation everything that has been lying dormant within me.  Thank you for being with me in Spirit during this process.  In Light and Love, T.L.  Dublin, Ireland
Namaste Julie,  I am constantly amazed at how your lessons reflect exactly what is happening in my life at the time I read the lesson.  It’s just fantastic and I cannot express to you how deeply these lessons have helped me.  Thank you so much!! 
With Love, Annie K. Sydney, Australia
Julie has an extraordinary gift!  I was struggling with many things in my life and I contacted Julie when I felt I was ready for insight.  Her readings are clear and they have an uncanny way of bringing order to the chaos of life by shedding light on my dark side and my giftedness.  Thank you so much Julie!  Her readings are balanced and authentic and I recommend her highly, particularly because of her integrity and because she has a powerful gift she would love to share with you. Yvette,  Nassau, Bahamas

Hello Julie, I just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude to you. Thank you for taking the time to do my soul purpose reading. I have taken the last few weeks to allow the information to sink in. The truth of this reading went in to the core of my being. It has been exciting and exhilarating to read over and over again. And the tools provided have really helped to deepen and expand my understanding on all levels. The experience has been incredible!!!  With love and gratitude, Michael G. Sarasota, Fla.
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 Recommendations of my own
Diane Goldner has a hands-on healing practice in Los Angeles and New York and does long distance healing with people internationally. She is the author of; How People Heal: Exploring the Scientific Basis of Subtle Energy in Healing (Hampton Roads).  For information about Diane visit : How People Heal
Dr. Hetty Rodenburg trained with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and facilitated Kubler-Ross's workshops in New Zealand and overseas. Focussing on grief counseling for people diagnosed with life threatening illness, Hetty offers dynamic presentations and group-interactive teaching events internationally. She is the author of:  'Dreaming a Lighthouse' For details go to: Dreaming a Lighthouse
Artist Claudette Dean is a mystic and visionary. Her commitment to expressing Oneness is revealed in every detail of her work.  Claudette encourages us to celebrate what we have always known deep in our souls:  “We are Light.  We are Truth.  We are One.”  To view her amazing work go to: Claudette Dean
True Alignment 
Gilberto Picinich is a Vedic Astrologer. His readings offer an uplifting perspective by which one may gain a broader awareness regarding personal issues as they relate to the evolution of the soul. He is also  a Reiki practioner and is trained in shamanic energy healing techniques. For information and to book a Vedic reading go to: AstroGilberto

Karen Lizon is passionate about empowering others to become aware of the self-sabotaging stories that are holding them back, along with guiding them to move beyond the status quo and align with their own truth.  She offers Quantum Writing Workshops to transform life for the better. To find out more go to: EvolveThroughStory