True Alignment     

To assimilate this amazing process I wrote a diary, which later became the E-book, 'An Awakened Life- A Journey of Transformation.'  I also began an in-depth spiritual search.  I trained in diverse therapies and modalities, which included Yoga and Reiki.  I became certified in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Spiritual Development and Counseling, as well as the therapeutic applications of art. 

While these academic and professional qualifications act as a backdrop to what I offer, the long term success I have with clients arises from the ability to see.  I am able to clearly see a client with respect to his or her innate gifts, skills and talents. I see where he or she is stuck in old patterns, even the most subtle and well-hidden.

From this place of clear seeing, I am able to point to what needs to be done to face and  dissolve fear, then take action steps.  Once those steps are set in motion, I am able to help re-orient a client in a more expansive and purposeful direction. 

I work with clients all over the world.  I help them make subtle and major changes in order to align with passion and purpose.  And for clients already on their path, I bring laser-like focus to support them in growing their vision and moving their business, professional and/or personal lives forward. 

Does this resonate?  If anything  I have shared here does, and you would like to discover more about my amazing story of awakening, click the link and take a look at An Awakened Life- A Journey of Transformation.  

Alternately, click the E-mail link below.  Write 'Free Copy of An Awakened Life' in the subject line and I will be happy to gift you with a no-strings-attached PDF version of the book.  

And feel free to contact me if you would like to set up an online or where possible, in-person session for a reading.

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Hi there again...I work with leaders in creative, educational and health care fields.  I also love working with people from any background, who 
are trying to initiate or manage change and are looking for a new direction in life.

What sets me apart and drives success with clients is what happened in 1989.  Back then, I had relocated from the U.K. to the Bahamas when my life was turned upside down by a radical spiritual awakening. If you have ever read the writings of Gangaji, Krishnamurti, or Eckhart Tolle you will be familiar with what I am talking about.