True Alignment  
My work
While professionally trained as an art teacher, my deeper purpose began revealing itself following a radical shift of consciousness in 1989.  Completely life-changing, this pivotal event is detailed in 'An Awakened Life- A Journey of Transformation.' 
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Having gone through a radical shift in consciousness, I am able to see where a client is stuck and what can be done to dissolve old patterns.  Through one-on-one counseling, life purpose readings and courses, I support people to transform self-limiting beliefs, think expansively and access innate gifts, skills and talents.

Specializing in working with people in healing, intuitive and creative fields, I help clients take their business or personal goals to the next level.  I also love connecting with new clients  ready to unearth their gifts and discover what their purpose is. 
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About me
My name is Julie Hoyle.  I am a personal growth teacher, spiritual counselor and transpersonal hypnotherapist.  I also write for a number of leading Mind-Body-Spirit magazines.  I  am happily married and a yoga enthusiast who, in between living in India, the U.S. and the Ukraine, have called the Bahamas home for over thirty years.

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